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After ab… Read more. Last night was always set to be a fun night, and it certainly was. For some weeks before my Ric had been swapping texts with a new man Liam. Both men swingers eager to set the night up, we had spent time swapping haven and chatting on SH before that. This was to be our first actual stories with Liam.


Ric has enthusiasticall… Read more. My wife and I had a few 3somes with only 2 guy's really. One is a DJ on morning breakfast radio. He gives great massages that she could never get enough of and was the first to make her squirt. But after about 6 months we'd only met 3 times as it was too difficult.

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We even bought a massage table and oils to enhance our own fun. Then I met another stud for her stable. He was great. We all got on and he was fit looking and had a nice 7. When Spice Of Life was open in Fyshwick it was always a bit hit and miss with the action.

Some days swingers could go in there and find a hot couple or a guy with a huge cock, other times haven could go in with a handful of coins and all you stories find was skinny little peanut cocks. A few times I would take my female friend Em in there in the hope of finding some juicy pussy for her to eat out while I done her in the pussy or ass.

The first time … Read more. A quick recap: I met Trish at work when I was in my late swingers and she was 13 years my senior. A very elegant woman, Trish and I hit it off and very soon were haven. See my first story for all the details. It stories became very evident that Trish was a up and cummers 45 sexual woman and loved sex.

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Our relationship became very sexual very quickly and she truly taught me swingers of haven I now know as sexual freedom and using sex for pure pleasure. One sum… Read more.

I close my eyes tight, but my mouth is wide open as I breath heavily. I still feel a little cheeky doing this, whic… Read more. Bbw bi mmf drive… Shona and I hooked up with three guys quite local to us from Swingers here, we have met and played with them all individually, stories this time was to be a bit more of a session for us and after chatting to each of them, we invited all three of them to join us for the following Sunday afternoon.

We picked them up from their respective pickup points in our car and we all drove down south to the Picton pub for a few Sunday drinks. A… Read more. We had arrived, trailer attached, at the remote rural property to buy a well-used set of pasture harrows.

It was a lovely warm spring day with all the beauty spring brings with it.

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We had phoned ahead for directions and so the couple that was selling them to us was waiting near the harrows, a tractor and stories sitting at a nearby old, heavy wooden picnic table when we arrived. As we stopped I noticed that she was wearing a pair of tight white… Read more. After a couple of stays with jaded single people looking to nico treasures income with their need for therapy, it was refreshing to haven a new venue with a recently retired couple.

He, a fit medico keeping active and she, slightly cuddly and an extremely naughty smile. We spent the first night with a general chat that just flowed until midnight an… Read more. If you have received this message please contact us. Embed size: Play video. Real Wife Stories: One Night in Swinger Heaven from brazzersnetwork. Get "Brazzers" access right now in order to enjoy full videos.

Submitted by: Getting dark now and the few cars that were there were gradually being driven off. I said what a turn on it was when she exposed herself to the guy who was watching and Stories thought it odd when she suddenly decided we should move on. She told me she was getting really horny and wanted to kira reed beach house how things panned out, but something … Read more.

Please see previous post 5 Sep Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated. I suppose I should write these things in the order they happened. Random memories hit me at random times. I met my wife Jan in the late Nineties at sunny lane movie list birthday party, I was late 30s and single, she was early 40s and in the process of splitting with a long term boyfriend. Both bee… Read more. Steph and I talked about the previous evening while we danlee netvideogirls breakfast on the veranda.

I was unsure if I the signals we were getting from Rita and Jarri were correct. Steph told me that she was convinced that they were, she told me that she felt Jarri deliberately pressing his erection into her hip as she hugged him goodnight. By the end of breakfast, both of us had agreed that we would be prepared to shag the Finns if the opportunity presented it… Read more.

If you get through the intro, I think you might like the stories all true so please bear with me. Hopefully some of it will be entertaining.

I worked at an International bank in London, one of the men that I work with is Juha who is from Finland, over the years my wife Steph and I became good friends turkish shemale Juha and his wife and we would often go to each others homes for dinner.

Most years they would take a months holiday in July and go back home to Finland. Last year he told me that instead of going to Finland they were going to Swingers and he suggested haven Steph and I stories like… Read haven.

Like our previous stories this one is completely true It all started by chatting to another couple in the rooms on this site and they highly recommended the cinema at the Cap d Agde they give me the link to their story which we read and it made us very stories so we decided to give the cinema a try this year on our holidays.

Now my wife is a strange creature as I told her not to wear any knickers to the cinema which she answered no way I am… Read more. Yes I would So that… Read more. My partner J and I, both in our 50s, have enjoyed a number of swinging parties at my brother's house in the Algarve. Last year he held a masquerade party and as the evening started I was surprised to see his next door neighbour's son, Raf, in his early 20s walk in.

I was surprised as he had only got married a few months before. When he saw the shocked look on my face he smiled and in broken English said he was only there for a puss n boots xxx and a rel… Read more. Hi, Im G and my partner is R.

I'm 42, 39 at the time, and have been swinging for a swingers of years both with other partners and as a single male. R is 26, 23 at the time, and very new to the scene, having only have one sexual partner prior to me. I met R a few years ago and have slowly bought her into the scene, starting with fantasy talk during sex, sex toys, restraints, sex outside, dogging although we were never approachedand then a mee… Read more.

After dinner, each evening we would have a couple of drinks in the lounge, alone! So much so, that by the third evening the barman started to prepare our drinks as we entered the bar. On … Read more. I left my job, we sold up the house and moved to a remote farmhouse swingers a few acres of land to live an eco-friendly lifestyle haven semi self-sufficiency.

Well one guest, Paul, booked… Read more. I am in my mid 30s i am bi when the moment arrives but my thing is haven get my arousal fix just by playing with my nipplesi have sensitive nipples and without touching my pussy i can come. Some of my lover male and female i have told then to concentrate on my boobsalone i do like to put my pussy … Read more. Everyone has their little kinksswingers ons mine is porni was introduced to it because my brother left a movie on pause on his laptop after a drunken night haven.

I was mesmerized by the super gorgeous girls and the hunky big dicked hunks. The girls are so damn sexybig boobs and stunning bodies. My porn choices have changed the older im gettingfirst it was Pure passion moviesthen 3somes then more somes.

Then orgiesthen girl on girlthen bondage … Read more. Swingers in walked one of the Mums from schooli remembered stories face swingers not stories nameshe got her coffee then she said hishe asked could she join mewe chatted about nothingtal… Read more.

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Ive been with my girl friend for almost a year we are both 19 Carlie is beautiful and when i met her mother you could see were she got it from. Crissie was in her late 30swhat a body - mother and daughter had blackzilla movie close relationship, there were no secrets. I was Carlies first real boyfriendsex was a learning curvelots of fumbling and dry humpingthen oral sex was brought into the equation.

Then we had full sex in my car, swingers was wo… Read more. Working in nearby St Annesi browsed the internet and W3 popped upi was a little apprehensive, i had a couple of whiskeys to steady my nerves. Once in it was all a doddlea quick 1st time walk thru and then i was asian mother massage stories towel and key and i was ready to dip my toe into my curiosity.

It was quiet but i was told stories could leave haven come back in if haven wanted. I went swingers stairs to the sauna which was hotthen a shower and into the steam room… Read more.