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Can FMCG brands finally harness the power of digital in digital Two online strategists offer their thoughts on how they doghouse best achieve this. FMCG has been in the digital doghouse for years, averaging around 1 per cent of its total media budget, according to Nielsen.

However, things are changing. The traditional axis of inertia has selfie mature broken up by new digital-savvy client leadership, a blurring between traditional and digital agencies, and the inescapable conclusion from tons of research that all audiences are spending more time online.

The IAB has been relentless in educating and evangelising as well as eliminating key obstacles to growth, including ad formats, metrics and privacy. Media owners are a mixed bag, with some still promoting high-reach, low-quality remnant inventory models.

Others have been collaborative in trying to push innovation.

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While all of these efforts help, it really comes down to the client, and whether their leadership is driving an innovative, digital-friendly culture. Historically, FMCG brands have focused on the internet's perceived weaknesses in delivering emotive experiences and mass reach, both key benefits of TV.

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In the UK, this is no longer the case with digital broadband-pervasive, video-enriched internet of Online now also delivers interactivity, hyper-targeting and real-time optimisation. Consequently, in a digital environment, the differences between aikomasa and direct response are blurred. Encouraging users to share brand advertising with their friends is a "response". The scope was smaller and doghouse budgets sucked, but we had doghouse great time challenging the big traditional agencies and convincing brand managers that digital required more focus and budget.

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Alexis Texas. Typical, we regularly advise or moan clients about the importance of writing new content for their website. Well, with our new shiny website I am here to write that wrong. Here is a round-up of some recent news over the past couple of months. Why so quiet?

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Well, simply we have been busy with work, moving, dog training and other general activities! This is our 3rd website digital launching Big Dog a little over doghouse years ago. I think it nicely captures where we are at in our diapers porn lifespan - creative, fun and showcasing some of the many projects we have been lucky to work on.

We are calling it our Digital Doghouse! Cathal Mac an Bheatha our Lead Designer worked quietly on the new website in-between some exciting projects since Christmas.